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Get PAID to Receive Calls

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Save on phone bills and get money back for every call received. Make calls for free(vox to vox) and save on local, international, and cell phone calls. No need for your PC to be on to make and receive calls, just an ADSL line.The Vox ADSL Phone offers you ...

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Business-in-a-box™ is for you if you are: Motivated Hard Working Hungry for Change Determined to Better Your Life What’s included in your business-in-a-box™ starter pack? Access to our proven business-in-a-box™ opportunities ranging from electr ...

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Maza Furniture and Design

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MAZA Furniture and Design offers a range of custom designed furniture and wooden products. Our designs are tradionally very contemporary and modern, using clean lines with bold shapes and defined edges.

WANTED: Confident home based sales reps needed nationwide!

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Requirements: - Initiative to get things done - Initial start-up hard work - Knowing many ppl a bonus! - Serious applicants - Zest to get-going - Want for a better life Email me if you have any questions!

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Welcome to My Business Online, powered by Softline Pastel

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Welcome to the world of online accounting! Watch your business grow. Online. This product will give you the freedom to run your business anywhere, anytime without any hassle. Keep track of your sales, purchases, inventory, customers, suppliers and cash m ...

ADSL Priced so Low... It's Criminal

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Hurry up this offer might escape you!!!!!!!! ADSL (12 months contract) 384k + 1Gig = R139 p.m.* 512k + 1Gig = R326 p.m.* 4096k +1Gig = R413 p.m.* ADSL 5 Gig Month to Month 384k + 5Gig = R389 p.m.* 512k + 5Gig = R549 p. ...


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Home Based manufacturer of natural cosmetic creams,serums and soaps for all skin types, shampoos, hand and body lotions, oil based non alcoholic perfumes and hand and body gels, incl massage gels


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Three Peaks is a specialist provider of payment solutions which offer businesses secure ways of collecting and processing payments from customers. The company's comprehensive suite of core systems can be customised, packaged or supplied alone - or even i ...


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We customize and automate your MS Excel spreadsheet program to meet the needs of your SMME. We help you to avoid keying in the same information more than once, reduce paperwork, streamline administration and operations, save time, reduce your administrat ...


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As part of @lantic's focus on SME value added solutions another product has been launched to provide bulk SMS communication. The product is known as SMSOnline and consists of a prepaid solution providing a web portal for the sending of SMS messages to ...

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Umsuka Web Design , is a creative web design and development company based in Durban, South Africa. We offers services to SMME’s , organizations , individuals with a variety of products/ services, including Web Development ,(SEO) Search Engine Optimi ...

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Fax to Email is revolutionizing the way faxes are received. As we move towards a paperless society the increase for technology such as fax to email solutions have become essential. Now you will receive the faxes to your email inbox directly. No more wasti ...

Voice over Internet

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Why carry on paying the normal TELKOM rates when there is an alternative available.VOX Telecommunication is the biggest alternative provider in SA,listed on the ALT X and have years of experience. If you have a TELKOM ADSL line and would like to save u ...


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What is mobiletripsheet? mobiletripsheet is a vehicle log book on your cellphone... here's how it works: Keep an accurate and detailed log book using mobiletripsheet on your mobile phone, backed up to your web-profile and you could claim a substanti ...


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We customize and automate your MS Excel program to perform administrative and operational tasks in your business, reducing paperwork, streamlining tasks and saving time and money. Put your Excel to work for you and improve the way yiou work. Better recor ...

Selfsorg Vakansie Akkommodasie

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Vakansie Akkommodasie op die Suidkus. Hierdie selfsorg woonstel is gelee 300m vanaf Uvongo se swemstrand en winkels Skakel 0798168027 vandag en reel u Selfsorg Vakansie Akkommodasie of beskoek ons webtuiste by Uvongo is beken ...