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A pleasant day to all!
Just Sharing the concept of L88  - Entrepreneurship Development Centre.
The International Associates; a highly successful international business marketing group, created in early 2000, SE Asia to address the unemployment situation in SE Asia and to promote home businesses.....

21st Century...
Many more are expected to be trapped in an endless cycle of financial frustration and face a bleak future, if they Do not shift their paradigms fast enough and quickly learn new skills, especially entrepreneur skills. Unless one is prepared to open his mind right now and embraced change consciously and conscientiously without further delay, he is likely to put his future and that of his loved ones both mentally and financially in great jeopardy.

21st Century, there is no such thing as " job security ".
Even those from the previously most secured banking and aviation industries were not spared in the recent waves of corporate restructuring.
The risk is even higher for those in the older age group and holding high salaries. Economic restructuring and job displacement will continue and at an increasing pace.
Whether the local or global economy is going to be good or bad in the near future, if people continue to think that getting job is the only solution, then many of them are likely to be sadly mistaken and disappointed.
Jobs only create temporary income and hardly the way achieve one's true wealth!

21st Century...
Facing an uncertain future in an
Uncertain world

While the economic situation may have, unemployment eases; all income earners must recognize that the world at large is becoming increasingly uncertain.
Around the world today, not many people are getting ahead, instead most people are just getting by and many have already fallen by the wayside or about to fall behind financially. With the rapid development and the twists and turns of the world events and the dismal economic situation in the region and around the world, more and more people are now caught in a world of uncertainty!

The L88 EDC Transformed the lives of many ordinary individuals into global entrepreneurs. I sincerely hope a similar module (like the Small Biz Ass) would be good enough motivation for South Africans to achieve same.



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  • Garrett Matthews
    Garrett Matthews Wednesday, 22 January 2014

    Building a Business vs. Selling an Opportunity

    During my years in creating businesses within the African Region, there is one dynamic that has stuck me as both odd and key to understand; that is the distinction between what is a business and what is an opportunity. For many of my colleagues in developed economies, this may seem obvious but it is important to understand this diffidence; for many would-be African entrepreneurs do not create or offer a businesses but are in fact selling an opportunity. Let’s explore further.

    A business is set-up to solve a problem or meet a need of a particular market sector. That “set-up” phase is central to the entrepreneurial process, for this is where value is created, skills are developed, ownership earned and wealth is build. Once a business is “set-up” one can take advantage of various opportunities within the market.

    An opportunity however is a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something (i.e. like a relationship, etc.). Many times when you are looking for a business to invest in or partner with, one is in-fact dealing with persons who selling and/or positioning an opportunity as a business.

    Why is this a problem?

    The value of such opportunities are almost always inappropriately priced. An opportunity that is positioned as a business has a much higher value and importance to the person holding it. This distorts both the value conversation as well as the structure of the business (i.e. the investment in, joint venture and/or partnership).

    The result are businesses that are not sustainable, plagued with partnership issues and that do not have strong, active local content. Thus real business ownership and honest partnering, skill development and wealth creation do not reach the levels required.

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