How To Succeed With Twitter - Twitter Marketing Tips

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The internet had truly changed the way people around the World interact, discuss issues and do business. We are truly closer to each than ever before in the history of our modern world. From the internet came about web 2.0
I will be talking about web 2social networking sitesblogswikisvideo sharingsites, hosted services, web applications, mashups and folksonomies and social media had created a communities of global story telling, personal inter action and group discussion. Languages and communications are no longer a barrier to the masses. You can have twitter followers in other languages. Example is twitter en espanol language can easily interact with one another using the Spanish language. The good thing is you can create a free twitter account and start right away. There are many videos on how to use twitter. If you are in business you will find these tips very useful.
Now let• s talk about twitter. Back then the term twitter site was really anonymous. Why so embraced by so many from all walks of life? Well twitter is easy to use and login. It takes less than 5 minutes to get a free account. Just 140 characters to tell your friends and followers what• s happening. This free social networking and microblogging service enable its users to send and read messages known as tweets. Since its creation by Jack Dorsey, twitter has gained nobility and popularity worldwide. It is something describe as • SMS of the internet• . The use of twitter application programming interface for sending and receiving messages by other applications. TV celebrities, businesses friends and Countries all over the World are taking advantage of the potential it has to also market your business. Such Countries as Nigeria, Jamaica, Kenya, Ghana, Indonesia and Puerto Rico where you can find some twitter followers.

These are some of the tips to help you succeed with twitter.
• Build account and start using twitter account this is where you put in keywords or phrase to get the exact results of what you are looking for.
• Talk none sometimes there are many cool things and fund stuff.
• Tweet with confident. You only get 140 characters per tweet so be bold and educational. As long as you respect others and your followers. Share what you think can help others.
• Create custom twitter back ground. A custom background makes you look net and professional. There free and paid ones.
• Make sure to write your bio for your profile. Tell people who you are and your profession. This is also help you grow your followers.
• Post good and educational links. If you watch a cool video post that. If you read an article that help people post it.
• Ask questions. Do survey with your followers about what they need. You can even ask your followers at a restaurant on what to order.
• • Participate in follow Friday.• Every Friday recommend at least one of your follower to all your followers and give a reason why.

Hope you find this article educational and helpful. I believe these tips will help you do well with twitter. The most important thing is to get engaged participate in discussions. If you find this useful make sure to also follow me at:
Also for business opportunity and low cost online marketing tools follow me at

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