If you are new to you will need to familiarize yourself with the website and its various sections. Only registered members are able to participate, if you do not yet have an account, then you may REGISTER HERE.

Your profile

Make sure that your profile information is complete. Add a profile picture - your profile will only show up on the home page if you've added a picture. It is important to add your 'area of expertise' as other users will be able to find you based on this criteria. Whenever you contribute to there will be a link to your profile.

Advertising your business.

Where to advertise and what is regarded as spam?

We have a strict policy against spam, you need to be careful where and how you advertise your business. Advertise in the small business directory. How to add a business directory listing: Navigate to the business directory category in which you would like to place your listing and click on the ADD LISTING HERE link.

Do's and Don't for advertising your business or products / services
Advertise in the business directory Do not make multiple business directory entries.
You can add an entry to a few relevant categories.
Write informative articles about your industry or expertise. Do not to write with the approach of purely trying to sell.
Create a forum signature.
When you answer others members questions, they will see your signature and may contact you to do business. Your forum posts also link to your profile.
Do not spam the forum.


The small business forum is where you can ask for business advice or give advice to others.

You should start off by introducing yourself in the forum. You can introduce yourself by CLICKING HERE.

To ask a question, go to the relevant forum category and click on NEW THREAD.


The user articles are where you share your success stories, expertise, opinions etc. Add a new article by CLICKING HERE.


Do you know of an event that may be of interest to members? Events typically include workshops, trade shows, conferences, community upliftment projects etc. Add an event by CLICKING HERE.


Usefull small business tools, templates and documentation. If you have something that you feel will be of use to our members, then you may add your resource by CLICKING HERE.