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TOPIC: What Is Marketing?

What Is Marketing? 8 years 2 months ago #2983

  • Albert Mpuru
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Most small business owners don't understand marketing and its role in their businesses...

They put out a flyer, or an advert in a newspaper, or a board outside their shop or office, and call that marketing.

When it's time to cut costs, the first casualty is marketing. They see marketing as an expense, not as an income-boosting or sales-generating activity.

So what is marketing?

Marketing is a continuous life-long education of a prospect or customer on your product or service's benefits and advantages that no one else give them...

It is a systematic process of increasing their desire or demand for your product or service...

And: finally, it is a strategic approach of bringing them to final action and closure.

So ... instead of taking a tactical approach, better to be strategic with your marketing and you will see your sales going through the roof sooner than you might expect.

Not that distributing flyers and advertising in newspapers doesn't work. It works. I'm saying it's much, much better to follow a marketing strategy or system.
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Re: What Is Marketing? 8 years 1 month ago #3084

  • Michelle
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I agree. Simply put, marketing is creating a strong brand that your target market will look for. As you said, it is a life-long learning of how your market changes preferences over the years. The rest of it (flyers, brochures, etc) are merely part of advertising to remind people of your brand name.
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Re: What Is Marketing? 8 years 1 month ago #3094

  • Jade Otten
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I agree Albert - Marketing is a life-long education but I find my clients often get daunted with the never ending finish line and either give up or turn to a company for advice (if they have the budget).

Here's some quick tips and tricks I tell my clients:

1. Know your audience (who are they, where do they generally shop or frequent socially)
• For example, if we are selling umbrella's - our direct target market would be people who do a lot of walking, people who use public transport.
• The age group is certainly anything from 16 - but consumers who go out to buy an umbrella are normally in their mid to late 20's and onwards.

2. Where do they frequent?
• At bus stops and stations
• Most likely purchase coffee from mobile coffee sellers
• Are most likely going to a meeting

3. What do they need?
• They are probably in a rush and need an umbrella that folds away into their briefcase or handbag
• They would be interested in a mobile coffee flask with no spill lid and easy-grip handle
• If they forgot to bring an umbrella and it starts raining - they are going to want to buy one at the station or at the bus stop (mobile convenience)

How can you turn this information into a Marketing Strategy?

1. Forget websites, flyers and business cards (for now) and get yourself a mobile umbrella stall that you can set up at bus stops and stations

2. Purchase only umbrella's that are compact and that can fold away into a handbag or briefcases (with a waterproof carry bag so that the wet umbrella doesn't ruin precious documents!)

3. Speak to a mobile coffee company (Nescafe for example) and ask them if they would be interested in setting up a coffee stall with your umbrella stall at the station

Then bring on the rain and watch your profits soar!

Its all about ideal positioning and timing. Giving your client exactly what they want. When they need it. And having a contributing company (the coffee seller) to draw additional customers in.

Evoila! :)

Until next time, Happy Marketing!

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What Is Marketing? 5 years 11 months ago #4285

  • Alexhudson
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Marketing is a basic form of business in which you can promote your businesses all across the globe. E-marketing is really great and best and this perspective. Just Focus and following points...
- Launch a campaign of Internet marketing
- Post at all leading business marketing sites.
- Post at High PR business listings.
And results would be great in such perspective.
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