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A snippet from my new group on Facebook: Entrepreneurs United.  Please join me if you want to stay up to date on similar self-help articles: Outcome: The goal of this series of articles is to find the quickest, simplest and easiest method to create a clear over-all understanding of...
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Bookkeeping is a skill that is sadly overlooked in many small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures, because business owners try to minimise expenditure on “extras”. However, bad financial management – both on the large and small scales – leads to the closure of over half of all new business venture. In this...
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If 2012 is the year you plan to start your own business, best be sure you have a good business plan in place before you get started. A comprehensive business plan can mean the difference between seeing your new business flourish and having it fail before it’s even really started. A...
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I recently had the privilege of spending a few hours in the company of 3 great South African entrepreneurs at the Cape Town Entrepreneurship Week Open Day. Lessons were plentiful, but here are 5 that really stood out for me. 1. Sometimes you need to have really big family jewels...
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It’s no secret to career-minded professionals to understand that you must stand out and make a name for yourself to ensure the highest level of success. As an entrepreneur you should be well aware of the power of branding and the role it plays in corporate - as well as individual - success. You have probably mastered personal branding in the real world through regular speaking gigs and writing articles but how are you doing with your online branding?

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