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Did you know that all marketing is emotionally driven?  When you watch an advert on TV, such as a fast food advert, pay attention to when they advertised this product to you.  I guarantee it was at breakfast, lunch time or just before dinner time.  Why do they do that? ...
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A snippet from my new group on Facebook: Entrepreneurs United.  Please join me if you want to stay up to date on similar self-help articles: Outcome: The goal of this series of articles is to find the quickest, simplest and easiest method to create a clear over-all understanding of...
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I was more than a little annoyed to discover that a friend  of mine recently paid a “web developer” R600.00 ($75 or £45) to register his business’s domain – that’s EXCLUDING the hosting company’s domain registration fee. Ludicrous! R600.00 for something that probably took said developer about 5 minutes to...
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