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A snippet from my new group on Facebook: Entrepreneurs United.  Please join me if you want to stay up to date on similar self-help articles: Outcome: The goal of this series of articles is to find the quickest, simplest and easiest method to create a clear over-all understanding of...
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I was more than a little annoyed to discover that a friend  of mine recently paid a “web developer” R600.00 ($75 or £45) to register his business’s domain – that’s EXCLUDING the hosting company’s domain registration fee. Ludicrous! R600.00 for something that probably took said developer about 5 minutes to...
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So you have the contacts, networking and financing for a great business and want to get going on your new venture but how are you going to come up with a marketing plan? So many business owners and entrepreneurs make the mistake of believing that because their business ideas are great, they won’t have any problems selling their product or service.

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Hi! I;m Barry and used to have a construction business until the recession took it away. I am sure there is many more people like me who lost it all, including the jobs that go with it, but we have to somehow get up and running again.

Problem: What can one do to get finance from a financial institution for a new venture? Here's the bad news: Without at least 80% (and mostly 100%) security for the loan, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! I have an business plan rated by all banks I applied at as "EXCELLENT". Loan required only R200 000 - R250 000, gross profit estimated around R1.3 mil in the first year, but "Sorry, we can't help you." 20 permanent jobs in 12 months, more to come, good profit, excellent business plan, cheap to run, excellent profit prospects, what more would they need? IDC, Shuttleworth Foundation, Khula, a wheel barrow full of others: NO GO.

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