My intro to Social media

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I find myself feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amount of invitations to join social networking sites. I wonder how many people really want to be there at all. Truth be told that if I had a choice I probably would use it a lot less than I currently do. The only reason I joined Facebook I would be able to let others know about my Business. No really, if it was not for my work and the need to keep up to date with this at all, I would probably not be engaged with this technological world to the extent that I am. For

this reason I do feel for those who still find themselves on the outside looking in.

I've come to realise that social media can really help my business get off the ground.  it helps with my branding, I can get customer feedback and keep my business in the forefront of people's minds all the time.

Belonging to Social networks however can become very time-consuming if not managed properly. If these are things a business does not have the manpower or ability to watch over, hiring an outside source to take care of it is probably best.  That way employees are not stressed about understanding something they can't figure out and the business is still taken care of.

My own facebook page is still new & I'm using it to get the message out about my business and at the same time sharing interesting little titbits to keep my "potential clients" from coming back.  I'll just keep on keeping on & let you know how that all pans out for me.

Until next time

I finally managed to gather all my courage and start my business. It's small and new, only 5 months old, but I'm loving it. Being a "Solopreneur", can be lonely sometimes & I'm glad I finally found an awesome online community like this one. Best I've come across so far, & it's South African! Love it.